A limited time offer! How comms pros gain an edge in the annual bid for ad dollars People are misspelling brand hashtags, and it’s only going to get worse. The natured, naughty, indulgent image of Las Vegas has had a negative impact during the recession. However, branding is pervasive but functional products and services are not. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

It is because the ever changing external environment makes place marketing a most challenging task. If there’s a big convention coming to town, we contact them maybe a month or two in advance, and say, ‘We’re here, how can we help? The excellent global presence of Las Vegas is a great opportunity to attract tourists outside of the nation. Although the strong brand experience has boosted the presence of Vegas around the world, it also destroys other economic opportunities for the city and makes the city difficult to react during economic changes. It is the experiences that travelers gain while they are travelling. Powers stresses that the goal is not just to hit travel and leisure reporters, but also reach into other categories. LVCVA should create a set of marketing tools to increase the percentage of international visitors.

Spending from international visitors will contribute to a big part of revenues in the future if the city can gain support from the government policies to ease travel restrictions and make getting a visa more easily available for foreigners.

las vegas case study lvcva

As a result, the one-sided marketing approach for Las Vegas will have a negative impact when the city moves forward. Longer stays would involve more spending and activities; Thus, revenues for the lvcav.

On the other hand, to manage the brand image, LVCVA also built an augmented product by constantly surveying their previous and potential customers of their Vegas travel experiences. Concentrating on adults “I think we’ve come to terms with the fact that as a city we are an adult destination,” says Snow. Just like Disneyland will produce new rides or re-decorate the theme parks for holidays.


If you look at the growth of development in Las Vegas, two or three years here is the equivalent of 20 years in other cities. Retrieved May 23,from https: Nearly a decade ago, some Las Vegas resorts added theme-park-like attractions and began marketing themselves to families.

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In addition, the city has neglected the importance of technology and knowledge-based business companies or factories in which other states are well established. However, one-sided brand positioning became a detriment as Las Vegas moves forward. Therefore, a technology wise city could be very favorable for veggas citizens. Get vefas essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. Literature Review Dissertation chapter: Especially, Las Vegas was established by various consumption-oriented industries where gaming, tourism, business convention and luxury retailing take place.

Las Vegas Case Study

Nicola says her primary role is to be there if the conventions need her. A diverse objective is not just concentrating on developing the global tourist and business visitor industries; it will work on attracting different types of companies and businesses.

las vegas case study lvcva

By diversify its industrial base; the city will find it easier to undergo economic downturn lad to just concentrating on consumption-oriented industries. But this positioning is less convincing to people with the perception of the well-established image of Vegas. Teneo boss threatens to shut office bar and slams staff for acting like ‘clubbing teens’ PRWeek Global Awards Mention Las Vegas, and it conjures up a glamorous, exciting image of a city filled with brash neon lights, high-rolling gamblers, and floor shows.

Although the large consumption-oriented industry provides huge profits for Las Vegas, it has also made the state more susceptible to extreme volatility and recession. For more than half a century, Las Vegas has been the place where Americans go to get away from their own lives for a few days. Included under the LVCVA is the Las Vegas News Bureau, a small group that produces and distributes photos of local events, delivers press kits to journalists, organizes media trips, and maintains a year archive of photos of the city.


How to cite this page Choose sudy format: Also, fresh ideas and attractions are needed to maintain the current and potential customers. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. As the income of the Chinese increase, they will want to travel outside of China. Although CityCenter might affect the image of Las Vegas, it is one of the attempts to renew the appearance of this place.

If there’s a big convention coming to town, we csae them maybe a month or two in advance, and say, ‘We’re here, how can we help? Unfortunately, the recent recession hit Las Vegas tourism industry badly.

Register now to enjoy more articles and free email bulletins. But Brandvik says her group tries to help out individual casinos when it can. Various product features of Las Vegas were produced to target the adult such as casinos, luxury retailers, world-renowned restaurants and five-star hotels.

During the recession, leisure travelers are aware of their spending as well as reducing their travel expenses. The presence of Las Vegas in the global tourism industry is still growing.

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