The cool name aside Students should NOT give up at the deadline, but should hand in their theses as fast as possible. Snake-picking is not an exact science. No extensions of that guarantee beyond the final Department Deadline as listed on the front of this guide are possible. Send inquiries to grad-ap eecs. Submitting the Thesis Wednesday, August 8, –

We will use this information only in the aggregate without student names or identifiers, so please be entirely honest. Are the snakes big? I study terahertz quantum cascade lasers, which are a type of very long wavelength semiconductor laser. When to start 9. The Department’s thesis deadline means that students who hand in theses after that date are not guaranteed that their final thesis grade will be posted in time for them to graduate that term. No thesis supervisor is empowered to extend the deadline.

Skip to main content. Do NOT call us or email to check the deadline: Thesis Examination and Public Thesis Defense The thesis examination by the student’s Doctoral Committee should thesiss held during the first half of the student’s final term. On the front cover of each binder, tape a label containing your name.

17. – 21. Submitting the Thesis

Thesis Release Letter Sample 6-A Title Page A thesis based on original work is required for each of the degrees in computer science. Skip to main content.


mit eecs thesis defense

Get started early with the process of identifying a suitable research group and research advisor! Does my thesis advisor pick the snake?

Do not hole-punch or bind your thesis in any other way. You may hand in your thesis on any weekday during business hours, at any time of the year. Students must bring to us the completed grade sheet with the final copy defensd the thesis. Alex Bahr, Area II graduate student.

CSAIL Calendar: Thesis Defense

Be sure to download and print a grade sheet before you hand in your thesis. When to start 9. Students are encouraged to form thesis committees as early as they can, preferably by the time of the RQE. Each spring the Department holds a special thesis poster event, called MasterWorkswhere masters students make presentations of their research to interested Department faculty, students, tgesis guests.

mit eecs thesis defense

Snake fighting is one of the great traditions of higher education. To facilitate electronic access to the research done by Course 6 students, we are requiring that students deposit their thesis in DSpaceMIT’s long-term digital storage facility kit need to have a DSpace account for the link to work.

mit eecs thesis defense

Minor Program The minor application is typically filed after completion of the RQE and formation of the Doctoral Committee, but it can be submitted earlier. The public thesis defense should be held during the first half of the final term.


Does everyone fight the same snake?

Area II: Computer Science – AI, Systems, Theory

But in that case the snake would be very big. Click here yhesis graduate materials. Students who miss the deadline but are very close to finishing should email Anne Hunter anneh mit. We will be in touch with all MEng students at the proper time. Electrical Science and Engineering Course Your supervisor will arrange your presentation.

The “Snake Fight” Portion of Your Thesis Defense | MIT EECS

Thesis Release Letter Test-driven pair programming combines two existing software development strategies to create a model with clear roles and explicit tool support.

Students who fail to graduate because their thesis wasn’t submitted in time will have to register for the following term, get on mti term’s degree list, and graduate at the end of it. Remember that your final thesis grade must be handed in with your thesis. Although if you get a poisonous snake, it often means that there was a problem with the formatting of your bibliography. We will use this information only eces the aggregate without student names or identifiers, so please be entirely honest.

Submitting the Thesis

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