STP Pharma Sciences ; 4: Ultimately, these systems may serve as a means for extended delivery of regenerative compounds to restore hearing in patients suffering from a host of auditory diseases. There is strong evidence that food can delay the gastric emptying of multi-particulate systems. Calcium phosphate ceramics in drug delivery. In particular, delivery methods based on ultrasound, electrical, magnetic and photo modulations are highlighted. Polysaccharides-based multiparticulated interpolyelectrolyte complexes for controlled benznidazole release. Nanotechnology is expected to have an impact on all industries including semiconductors, manufacturing, and biotechnology.

Fundamentals of pulmonary drug delivery. Then we highlight different kinds of microneedles used for controlled drug delivery , followed with a brief discussion about the current limitations and the future prospects of controlled drug delivery systems. With the in vivo test in mice, the micro-holes caused by rapidly separating MNs can heal in 1h, indicating that the rapidly separating MNs are safe for future applications. Several important advantages of transdermal drug delivery are prevention from hepatic first pass metabolism, enhancement of therapeutic efficiency and maintenance of steady plasma level of the drug. Smart nanocarriers have been designed for tissue-specific targeted drug delivery , sustained or triggered drug release and co- delivery of synergistic drug combinations to develop safer and more efficient therapeutics. This work focuses on a number of nanostructured materials designed to improve drug delivery by direct and efficient transfer of drugs across one of the body’s external mucous membranes.

The work presented in this dissertation utilizes novel and commercial nanoparticle formulations, combined with microbubbles and a variety of ultrasound systems.

multiparticulate drug delivery system thesis

This review presents the main findings in the field of sonophoresis in transdermal drug delivery as well as transdermal monitoring and the mathematical models associated with this field. Comparison of laboratory scale processing in the production of coated pellets.

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It isa solvent free technique finds a great advantage for drugs that show sign of instability due to residual water during processing and storage. The encapsulated ovalbumin matrix was thereafter incorporated with amoxicillin in a gastro-resistant capsule. The stronger the bond the more efficient is the formation and growth of pellets 9. After oral administration, the water-soluble cap of capsule dissolved in the intestinal fluid and the hydrogel plug swells.


The dual formulation in this study proved effective and provides insight into current microbiome research to theiss, classify and use functional healthy bacteria to develop novel probiotic delivery technologies.

Transdermal drug delivery is challenged by the barrier nature of skin.

In addition, hot-melt extrusion and spheronization, freeze pelletization, cryo-pelletization, microtabletting technologies provides a wide scope to produce pellets. Ideal Characteristics of Pellets: Intestinal Protective Drug Absorption System – rapidly disintegrating tablets containing controlled release pellets of drug like naproxen. The column is 24 inches long and made of borosilicate glass.

Pellets are small, free flowing, systematically produced, spherical or semi spherical solid units, geometrically defined agglomerates of about size ranging from 0. Gas generated by sodium bicarbonate in acidic medium was trapped in the polymer matrix to enable floating. Formation of pellet involves adhering of the solid particles or fine powders to each other when they are brought close enough together due to attractive forces such as.

Calcium phosphate CaP particulates, cements and scaffolds have attracted significant interest as drug delivery vehicles.

There is strong evidence that food can delay the gastric emptying of multi-particulate systems. Consecutive coalescence and layering continues till the decline of number of favourable collisions and may lead to a reduction in the rate of growth of the pellets.

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To address these issues, we introduce rapidly separating MNs that can rapidly deliver drugs into the skin in a minimally invasive way. These formulations can be used in the therapies of pain relief, AIDS, oncology, hormones, pediatrics, etc. Rotor, Tangential spray process is suitable for the application of modified-release film coating to a wide range of multiparticulate products.


The disintegration time and viscosity were controlled by the associative interaction between gelatin and carrageenan upon hydration which forms a strong complex that increases the viscosity of the stock solution and forms tablet with higher resistant to disintegration in aqueous medium.

Advanced granulation theory at particle level – free learning summary, Ball growth phase is the final step of pellet ,ultiparticulate.

In accordance with single units, the volume per dose is high because of its high bulk density. These bonds wane as the liquid evaporates. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy ; 4: Coalescence itself refers to collision.

The surface tension of the liquid can be reduced by the use of surfactants. The goal of this project was to investigate the feasibility of colonic delivery of proteins using multiparticulate beads. Commonly used binders include gelatin, povidone, carboxymethyl cellulose, hydroxyl propyl methylcellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, Sodium CMC, malto-dextrins.

multiparticulate drug delivery system thesis

Ablation is a reliable method for generating PWs with consistent characteristics. Improvement and advancement of these systems can maximize drugs potential and contribute to patients in the world.

This leads to a definition of the technologies required to develop successfully such systems as well as to categorize the classes of drug delivery systems available to the therapist.

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