In the months prior to commencing your thesis the school office will contact you with instructions on how to select a thesis topic and supervisor. WAM of at least 65 and thesis mark of at least Combined degree students will have the same calculations applied, but only to the BE component of their studies. Where do I get more information? The WAM calculation system has some basic rules: For more information regarding online thesis writing support for honours students, please check this website.

You have not applied for any exemptions at the time of application. Be aware that the number of candidate places available for some of these projects is quite limited. I am an employed engineer. How do I find a topic? Please see below a list of thesis topics advertised by academics for students commencing their thesis session , some of these topics were run last year so may not be available next year. The School has a special Moodle for securing thesis topics, which you can self-enrol in at any time.

The exception to this rule is students completing a thesis on an exchange with an institution approved by the School.


Note Please see below a list of thesis topics advertised by academics for students. WAM of at least 75 and thesis mark theiss at least Thesis Topics Nomination Form.

All weights for courses are calculated using the following formula: You will be sent a log-in password to enable you to access the Thesis Topic Database in Moodle.


Your program determines which project code students should enrol into. Phoenix Rising – manage your academic progress. WAM of at least 80 and thesis mark of at least These are typically your final two terms of your Masters of Engineering Science program. Students are required to submit their Interim Report to their supervisors in a below specified format in no more than 10 pages SPE format.

These written reports must include introduction, motivation, usnw review, methodology, research proposal, bibliography and timeline for the completion of the project in the second half of their tthesis project.

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In addition, work-based projects must be approved by the Thesis Coordinator prior to enrolment. As part of the Master of Engineering Science program there is a Thesis requirement thesiz needs to be met before graduation. Thesis B must be completed in the Session immediately following Thesis A.

thesis b unsw eet

Can I do a project based on my work? How do I submit my thesis?

thesis b unsw eet

Postgraduate coursework students are required to do an advanced thesis research project. Supervisors have the right to void late registrations. Even if the thesis is incomplete, it must be submitted. Projects will be allocated based on student preferences and supervisor loads.

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Work-based projects are encouraged by practising engineers provided they meet the requirements of advanced independent study. Requests for special consideration should be submitted as for all other subjects through the Registrar. When you have found a supervisor with a topic that suits your interests, you are required to contact this person to discuss your intention.


The research course is also available for Graduate Diploma level students, and is essential for these students who are intending to articulate to the Masters level. The supervisor may refuse approval for a variety of reasons, e.

Please see below a list of thesis topics advertised by academics for students. Skip to main content. Please click on your school to find more information regarding your advanced thesis research project.

thesis b unsw eet

Award of Class of Honours New honour policy for new programs commencing in You can then proceed to register. Explanation of your interest in the area Education and work background Request a meet time to discuss potential research topics.

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Students must follow reasonable directions of their supervisors and the Course Coordinator. This includes the following courses:. You should sign up for the moodle module just before the semester in which you intend to enrol:.

Requests for Thesis withdrawal, suspension or extension should be made in writing to the Undergraduate Thesis Co-ordinator.

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