What do you notice about the Ratio column for both the ramp and the stairs? Students will expand their understanding of discrete functions when they study sequences in Secondary I. Since Scoops of formula this is a proportional relationship the unit rate can be found by dividing any two points that fall on the line. Fill in the missing representations. Point out that in this case the number of ounces of extract is defined as x and the pounds of dry ice is defined as y. Draw a line that could possibly represent her speed. Callie Jeff I can correctly answer only 1 of the three parts of the question.

State the rise and run for each staircase. How would your equation change if your gas tank held 18 gallons of gas and used 2. On properly built staircases all of the stairs have the same measurements. Sample answers are given. He gets paid the same rate every hour.

Use the graph to approximate how many miles Penny can go if she has a 15 gallon tank in her car.

2.1a homework proportional relationships

No, there is not a constant ratio and the line does not go through the origin. Write an equation for the number propogtional gallons g that will be in the pool after m minutes. Use the table and the graph to find the rate of change. Jack is filling his empty swimming pool with water.

2.1a homework proportional relationships

Complete the table below to show the relationship of white to pink flowers in each vase. Important vocabulary is reviewed below; perhaps have students add the words to a word wall or a vocabulary card. Who makes more money?


Identify proportional relationships (practice) | Khan Academy

This is not the focus of this lesson but you can discuss this if you feel it is appropriate. The next lesson will address why this is true. Did you both choose the same points? Create a table at the right which also tells the story of re,ationships graph. Students continue to use linear patterns and identify the rate of change and initial value in the different representations of a rekationships pattern table, graph, equation, and proportjonal model.

Context Answers will vary. Create a table for this graph, Time Distance Distance 4, 26 Students are not actually building the stairs and ramps but designing them. Complete the table and graph to show how much money Hillary will have 6 weeks from now. Fill in the missing items in the table if x represents the number of weeks that have past and y represents the height of the flower.

This constant rate of change makes the line straight. Padma also sees that she can buy Tootsie Rolls at the grocery store.

2.3j Class Activity: Use Dilations and Proportionality to Derive the Equation y = mx + b

If there are 18 girls on the team then there are relationshipz boys on the team as well. Toby only needs seconds to cross the sidewalk.

Rellationships in 4, 12 Students can begin to think about direction in homeworkk problem. Later on they are asked to make their own graphs and must use the correct units and labels to communicate their thinking.

They will expand their knowledge of linear functions and constant rate of change as they investigate how other functions change in future grades. Dilate by a scale factor of 2 algebraically using the ordered pairs.


Roller Skating 4 hours c. Measuring the Slope of Stairs and Ramps 1. Often the rate at which a relationship changes is shown by seeing that the changes from one measurement to another are proportional; that 2.a, the quotient of the change in y values with respect to the x values is constant.

j Class Activity: Use Dilations and Proportionality to Derive the Equation y = mx + b – PDF

Homweork an equation that represents your proportional relationship. Proportional constant and unit rate have the same value they are just different ways of interpreting the relationship between your quantities. Complete the graph to show how many weeks will pass until Linda runs out of balls. Ask students to exchange their stories with a class member for the next day s starter activity.

2.1a homework proportional relationships

I can also create a third representation for someone who makes more money than Addy and Rachel. More Representations of a Linear Context e Homework: This chapter relies heavily on a student s knowledge about ratios and proportional relationships from 6 th and 7 th grade.

What is the y-intercept of your graph?

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