Sarah Schindler is a Professor of Law at the University of Maine; she brings awareness to how architecture and city planning have worked as forms of regulation to keep people in or out of certain areas. A weakness in this article is that it does not have references, so it is hard to tell where the author is getting its information. This site uses cookies. It shows the direct correlation between health issues like diabetes and asthma to those in gentrified areas. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Records show that rates have increased from 8.

This article discusses the topic of food related gentrification. This article is highly opinionated, rooted in out of context quotes and I statements. This is why it is referred to as a Paradox. This was the first article that introduced the perspective and ideas that Governor Lee had on displacement and renovation. For example, the findings suggest that when there is higher segregation, then there are less white people in an area.

Atlanta, Georgia Birmingham, Alabama. Overall, the piece does present a healthy debate that can be used to support how the built environment influences racism.

Annotatef presentation of this project is very neutral; they present both perspectives and simply facts about the changes going on in the community. This article establishes the true effects of gentrification. Andrew Stokols firmly holds the view that gentrification is destructive to society. The goal is to try and see if there is a pattern among states. She goes into talking about the affordability crisis going on and the gentrificaton it is having on natives who have lived in the community for years.


annotated bibliography gentrification

You are commenting using your Facebook account. She then point out who is in charge of the gentrification occurring and who is benefiting from it.

Annotated Works Cited: Gentrification – IDP Your Way To Success

Despite this it has lots of credible sources embedded within it and it offers a challenging. The authors say that place matters, where a person lives is an indicator for high or low environmental health risks.

annotated bibliography gentrification

PBS, 17 June In part I of her article she focuses on exactly how the built environment regulates behaviors and in part II she gives examples of actions taken by police, residents, and politicians that have further divided cities.

Dembosky manages to prove biblliography perspective time and again primarily using emotion to sway the reader.

Annotated Works Cited: Gentrification

He uses the information from the Census to make these maps. The new residents are usually younger white middle class individuals. I was able gentrificatin determine that they are too suffering from high prices and are not trying to cause negativity or problems. She points fingers towards the techies from high known corporations.

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Annotated Bibliography The Impact of Gentrification on Voter Turnout. | Kimberly’s Blog

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter gejtrification comment here This source uses a map to visually display this problem and allow the reader to make their own observation regarding the displayed information.


This article could be useful to anyone studying one of the five mentioned neighborhoods as background knowledge. Technology Boom Pushing Out Locals.

With this in mind, he analyzes five Atlanta neighborhoods: April Dembosky looks into the problem of rising costs of therapy in the bay area due to the increase of neady techies with the means to out bid San Francisco residents.

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annotated bibliography gentrification

Extreme Gentrification and Suburbanized. A place that once produced culture and civil rights movements now harbors the most aristocratic population of our time. It is also the fastest growing millionaire population in the U.

I also used this to provide my readers with some information that they can actually take action to. This is due to the higher property tax that comes along with the heightened property value.

This leaves more space and opportunity to rebuild and create new developments. Guardian News and Media, 21 Mar. This article is very credible, it is rooted primarily in first person accounts of bay area residents, which is arguably the most authentic information available to a researcher of gentrification.

Gammon discusses the common misconception that gentrification is a racist movement.

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