That seems to work the best. Graffiti is an illegal art. They literally put their lives in the hands of their teammates everyday, just to get even a fraction better at what they do. Email me when someone replies. Cheerleading is evolving more and more through the years. To love another person is to see the face of God. Mar 26, Messages:

Other than that, it was a wonderful piece and it used emotional persuasion as well as ethical persuasion. Should a student be required to pay hundreds of dollars to participate in a school sanctioned extracurricular activity. Yet, if a cheerleader was to do the same she may lose any respect earned from being a talented sportsperson. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Competitive cheerleading includes lots of physical activity. When a school holds a game for basketball or football they charge for admission. Most of the teenagers in the wolrld will have this opinion.

No, create an account now. Mar 26, Messages: Great job, person on the internet. Which can bring the school donations from community. It was a mentally and physically exhausting weekend, but those three days were easily responsible for some of my best memories ezsay cheer. Camps and other similar functions are the best way for teams to get a chance to advance and learn new skills, but like most things they are not free.

Argumentative essay cheerleading bein sport – Sexual objectification essay

Log in or Sign up. Most of the teenagers you will meet in your life will have this opinion. Sign up for one. When a school holds a game for basketball or football they charge for admission.


argumentative essay cheerleading bein sport

Side line cheerleading is not a sport, that is a fact, but look up competitive cheer routines look up Cheer Athletics Cheetahs, for example. Graffiti is an illegal art. Also, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, please go to the page where that work is displayed and post a comment on it.

Yes, Cheerleading Is A Sport

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As well as complicated, cheerleading is also one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Competitive cheerleading is a sport. Cheerleaders are expected to attend games year-round to support every team from track to football.

Essay Sample: Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Cassidy, I love how you ended your conclusion with a question to the reader. Do people feel that, because cheerleading teams are predominantly female, they deserve no place in the world of sports? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Although cheerleading is formally deemed not a sport, cheerlewding is actually one of the most demanding sports out there.

The official ruling on cheerleading is that it is not a sport. We’re all very sorry that your brain is too small to accept simple facts. You did really good at not only saying what you see cheer as argumentaitve what other people do too! Most of the teenagers in the wolrld will have this opinion.


In this essay, my objective is to prove that cheerleading is a modern day sport. Cassidy, I love that you picked this topic!! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Just as basketball and football have guidelines for competitive play, so does competitive cheerleading.

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argumentative essay cheerleading bein sport

Argumentative essay cheerleading bein sport Argumentative essay cheerleading bein sport When you’re a middle school student, you don’t feel the pressure. It is extremely difficult to master a new stunt without mats to practice on, and can even result in serious injury to one or more team members.

Cheerleading is a Sport | Teen Ink

I cannot help but wonder if the age old issue of feminism has something to count for in this debate. They perform standing back flips, round flip flops, and full layout twists. Well, ave you ever tried grammar? In addition, they fail to distinguish between sideline cheerleaders and competitive ones.

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