My interest is rather how they specifically utilize their fictionality. Moreover, the narrative instance of style indirect libre, places within the text an indeterminacy of judgment and counters the mode of the withdrawn narrator with a mode that instead mingles distance and proximity to the character in question; Flaubert and Marceau, Madame Bovary, Bohr observed how light and matter behave as waves in one experimental setup, and particles in another, but cannot simultaneously be both, as waves and particles are ontologically distinct phenomena with mutually exclusive characteristics: Thus, I agree with Parrat that the status of Nana as woman and animal is ambiguous, but I want to displace this ambiguity away from a dual nature of innocence and femme fatale. Moreover, the investigation of materiality also entails qualifying the material sense of the symbolic, as will become apparent through my analyses. I liked his hands. In so far as the women themselves symbolize matter matter derives from the Latin word for mother:

I do, however, discuss some points of intersection between the various approaches, but the aim of this thesis is not to systematically interrogate any of them, but rather to sketch out the fruitfulness of bringing them into dialogue. Apart from being the goddess of love, fertility and sexuality, she also represents the uniting of different categories. The coenesthetic experience, he claims, marks a liminal zone that is followed by random materiality finally taking over. The raw force of their desire and its correlation to flesh is an adequate pointer for my focus here; on the one hand I deploy a psychoanalytic approach to their desire, and on the other I explore the ways materiality is articulated in the works. These two regimes are called the organic regime and the crystalline regime, respectively. Moreover, desire and material signifiers are intricately connected: It also drags Creon with her into the zone, as he, too, in the end speaks of himself as dead among the living.

To go from the respectable daylight side of society to the shady, nocturnal side was like changing sides in proivnce war. An Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism 11, no. Deleuze, however, underscores how the principles of the crystalline regime are more than the Brechtian notion of verfremdung supposed to raise awareness of the theatricality: By believing in it or not believing in it?


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Moreover, this force seems particularly strong due to its non-phallic ee the part that seeks no dd, but is rather situated in the body, and in a body that conjoins with materiality around it. Consequently, it is the manner of seeing them when they are released from all the ties that make them useful or desirable objects. Here she seems to be chasing knowledge and insights about the subjects, which makes her able to force them to pay and she works on the part of the creditor, not the debtor.

He sees himself as a mere object through dissertagion this ideal fulfills itself. More precisely, sadism is at work in the obscene, superego underside that necessarily redoubles and accompanies, as its shadow, the public Law.

dissertation madame bovary moeurs de province

For instance, the recurrent statement that Nana is a bonne fille, who acts with altruistic motives, ;rovince contradicts her actions which are never to the benefit of anyone but herself, if even that. The Feminine Jouissance and Bodily Constraints These works all exhibit variants of a wish to go beyond.

For instance, her white thighs are mentioned in the quotation above but, even more significantly, fleshy phrasings serve to describe other things, most surprisingly perhaps, light and wind: Materiality and desire thus overpower morals and airs, even light and the sky is colored like flesh; and specifically this happens when Venus lights up on the horizon. Interestingly, Nana is ignorant of this; her entire attention is on herself: Yet, these two fairly contrasting animal images share in rendering Nana as a fatal incident to the males around her, the destructive trait being highlighted by both.

What we see and what we do not see amount to a distribution of the common.

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Joe tears up her notes and instead says that she is like none of them, especially not like the group leader: The inarticulate cry functions precisely as this, in its 90 Ibid. If unconstrained materiality is rendered fictional, and as an object of fantasy, this is by no means to be taken in a pejorative sense.

In Madame Bovary, Flaubert uses several strategies to point to fictionality: Her revolt is directed against the markers of power — prestige and money, royalties and the moeuds. The coenesthetic experience, he claims, marks a liminal zone that is followed by random materiality finally taking over.


dissertation madame bovary moeurs de province

The effect is dual: It is thus a cut between observer and observed, or between subject and object but, crucially, this cut is contingent rather than absolute.

The drive can be mortal precisely because it is indifferent to death as well as to life ; because it is not preoccupied with death, because death does not interest it. He appears as her diametrical opposite, the epitome of the good citizen.

The Violence of the Institution The sequence of this experience begins with Joe entering a bare and institutional setting.

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Apart from being the goddess of love, fertility and sexuality, she also represents the uniting of different categories. In doing so, she relives episodes from her sexual life, but inverting the roles: For example, in the beginning of the book when Emma is at the convent, she dismisses the Dissertxtion broadly, it is art in the modern period, which he calls the aesthetic regime of art.

The black screen and the images of the various parts of the alley are not explained and serve no function in the plot. On the one hand there is Nana as horse, which portrays her animality in a positive light: While it could be set in various times and places, when told, the story is always set somewhere, and this somewhere conditions the unfolding of the story, though not determinately.

The Body in Pain: Moreover, she is annoyed that he is not responding sexually to her stories, as she expects him to.

In this specific way, it seems disseration mysterious notion of feminine jouissance marks a place of convergence between Lacanian and Dissettation theory, disserttion by the at once material quality of a jouissance of the body, and the conception of a state of ex- sistence; outside the symbolic, outside the structure of representation. In the aforementioned passage on the golden fly, she is provinde compared to a plant, then described as a force of nature:

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