As previously established it is important that there is consistency between all branding activities. All data have been converted from Ask People to Excel in order for us to compare the results. If defined in financial terms, the value of the employer brand should be measured in the same way as any other investment which is by calculating the future cash flows generated from the investment conducting for instance a net present value analysis. We are aware that by establishing 10 parameters we impose restrictions on the respondents creating the risk of different interpretations of the parameters. These are through organisational structure, for example the level of hierarchy, the leading style of the manager, as well as the preferred way of controlling and evaluating.

Today, narrative of Argumentative and descriptive equity, Website Forto you is to to write this of. Through ceremonies and rites the organisation can influence the culture. The four most important parameters ranked by all students, which all have a score above 4 classifying them as being of high importance are:. Loyalty and commitment is more difficult to measure, especially quantitatively. By incorporating this definition of value it is possible to obtain some measures, however, they appear less convincing than solid financial measures. When speaking of talents of interest to our case companies, the main target group will be among graduates of bachelor degrees or, mainly, long-cycle higher education programs. In this phase the marketer should consider the target audience and the paths of communication Aaker,

Today, narrative of Argumentative and descriptive equity, Website Forto you is to to write this of. The extended brand identity includes elements which are more dynamic and help complete the picture of the brand identity Aaker, An organisation is a social setting that shapes the tbesis and opinions of the members. We have selected companies for our case studies that share the same characteristics. Another sociological perspective which is noticeable in relation to Generation Y is that it is a small generation.

Evaluation of employer branding on hospitality and tourism

This is cause of concern not only for the economy of DK, however, also for companies, who are all competing in the same pool for talent.


An employer branding strategy takes its point-of-departure in the employer branding value proposition EVP which is the basis for both external and internal marketing efforts. Internal communication As already mentioned, organisational culture is granding as: Employer branding is an intangible notion and cannot be related to sales or production and therefore neither sales forecasts nor measures yhesis output are useful indicators. As it is the point-of-departure for both the internal and the external marketing of the employer brand, most importantly, the EVP must be honest brandig truthful.

In addition, we have found it interesting to investigate whether there are any deviations between male and female general values.

employer branding thesis themen

As explained, we wish to sustain the idea of distinguishing between external and internal marketing of the employer brand because these have different purposes. Market entry strategy in an emerging market It is one of those interesting thesis topics for marketing and MBA students by my experience in which I got A For being creatives do different topics that time.

As in the framework of Backhaus and Tikoo, two assets are generated from the employer brand.


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If managed effectively, the relationship will foster mutual trust between the parties, matching the objectives and commitments of the organisation to those of their employees, resulting in a positive impact on business performance Millmore et al. These are for instance the costs of treating a stressed employee, the cost of employees being absent due to illness, and other factors stemming from employees being unsatisfied.

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employer branding thesis themen

First and foremost, in order to counter-argue the above argument we first need to determine the type of unemployed workers. If the organisation does not have a corporate brand it should consider the values of the organisation as a whole that are to be communicated.


Therefore, 10 parameters have been set up. One brandimg understand that the synergy can also take a negative turn becoming a vicious circle where disloyalty and lack of commitment result in attraction of the wrong people and so on.

Statistics concerning percentage of population fulfilling higher education programmes can help us portray and determine the level of influence these parameters have on companies. Having determined how to measure the value of employer branding there is the challenge of communicating the value. With the brand image and the value proposition in place the branding strategy is ready for implementation and execution.

But it is arguably from a social constructive point-of-view that by affecting the organisation members and exposing them to the values and goals of the organisation, for example through use of tools mentioned in regards to organisational culture, the members tgemen the organisation will eventually adapt these values as their own resulting in enhanced organisational identity.

Furthermore, Weick argues that: When speaking of talents of interest to our case companies, the main target group will brajding among graduates of bachelor degrees or, mainly, long-cycle higher education programs.

Employer branding thesis themen

Determining the sociological perspectives surrounding a company will establish a picture of how to best progress the implementation of employer branding.

The EVP should include the most important aspects of the employer brand identity and the elements of differentiation. It is possible to further enlighten the issue through investigation of educational back-ground Statistics Denmark, The greater the brand of the employer, the more t he pe ople would like to associate with the emp loyer.

The brand image can therefore either be an asset or a liability to an organisation as it is the image of the organisation that determines the level of attraction with potential employees.

Once again it is evident that alignment between the product, corporate and employer brand is important in an employer branding strategy.

employer branding thesis themen

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