So space-time geometry can only set constraints, which show up in Hamiltonians, like the zeta-function Stephe noticed. I think we need this. I saw you mentioned Jaynes in another thread.. He just found an original way to present his ideas that many people liked. The logic here would extend to any signal. But my question was directed at the large list of unsettled challenges facing the Standard Model of particle physics and cosmology. I let you judge.

Lucido coins the word essesential as opposed to existential to describe entities whose existence is completely contained in their essence; such entities have no temporal extension. After Hawking, Hartle, and company abandoned the approach it was taken up by Renee Loll and company with great success. There is a venerable history of major open questions in theoretical physics being tackled by essay contests, and they have helped to advance the field in ways that complement the traditional peer-review system and journal publication. May 26, at 5: By the way, of all the essays that were written by viXra or arXiv authors, the one that got the lowest rating was an essay by a Cornell professor who has four papers on arXiv. December 5, at

Guts force to give up separate conservation of B and L but not a slightest experimental evidence has emerged for 2021 decay of proton.

You can listen to talks to Nima Arkani-Hamed about how he thinks space, time, cauality and locality emerge from the mathematics of permutations of states e. And of course the time and scaling question?


Questioning the Foundations: 4th FQXi Essay Contest | viXra log

This is an absurd question. The sign change is physical not necessarily of mathematical origin.

What did they change? December 8, at Given such filtering it is easy to predict that they should do well in the contest. So we head into a confrontation: I am not discussing what she has been saying for the last… twitter. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. And as Einstein said quite seriously: It is also necessary that the idea is based upon empirical evidence, that it can lead to definitive predictions, and that it can pass tests of those definitive, non-adjustable predictions.

But anything that gets us back to the language of natural philosophy is hugely welcome. Combinatorial medicine from two thousand years ago: I know that the Dirichlet Laplacian is related to the spectrum of essqy strings and drums so surely there is some connection.

fqxi essay contest 2012

Shortly after reading Mr. Even if the LHC were not running, how would things be any different? Please keep in mind that the Standard Model is a successful theory whose predictions have been confirmed to a dramatic level cohtest accuracy. And traffic flows follow the Newton field in population mass…. By itself, information cannot interact with another piece of information to cause a third piece of information to exist.

fqxi essay contest 2012

May 27, at They are otherwise quite different. Life is somewhere in between. You can only submit one essay and there is a maximum size. As expected the majority fqxu arXiv authors have made it into the top bins. Ad a way of managing the Frobenius problem, representations and number systems. Before the Big Bang papers at viXra. The methods used by Hawking et al were based on semi-classical approximations and reduced systems of quantum cosmology.


Fqxi essay contest 2012

It is a pity that viXra is censored out from Google Scholar. Since we know that matter is solely essesential it cannot have in itself that which makes causation possible, objective existence across time. Divisibility of space by atoms is also a complex topic, we can read of it in Galileo. After all, you are in possession of truth itself.

fqxi essay contest 2012

As my main interest this year was the question of physics on the foundations- and I have also concluded we should question this ideas of a sort of quasi indepencence of the topic of the winning paper, causuality perhaps better understood or grounded.

Dear Carla, it could be a harmless game except that an increasing percentage of the attention, interest, and the resources are circulating in the game instead of the real thing.

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