May 17, Vallie rated it liked it Shelves: When he was twenty-two, one of his brief dating flings described Jensen with an Italian saying; “He has a heart like an onion. The corner of Jensen’s mouth twitches, just a little, like he wants to smile. Not too tight, just enough to pull his head back a little. Jared is approaching graduation from high school. Ackles on his list for sage relationship advice and help him out where he can.

Licks his thumb and starts leafing through it. But then things just got repetitive. Aug 29, Nile Princess rated it it was amazing Shelves: When Jensen slides down on Jared’s cock, he’s never felt anything fucking like it, and no wonder Jared learned to love taking it from Jensen so easily. Rolls his eyes and crumples up the page. I highly recommend them all. Sam could be “Acid Reflux”.

The bell rings shrilly hpmework he reaches his seat, but he takes a few extra seconds, pauses and bends to set his book bag down.

Jared waits until the last student has left before he zips his bag shut, takes a breath and slings it over his shoulder as he walks to the teacher’s wo3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. You’re supposed to be teaching me, and here I am– filing papers, taking your orders, being your bitchboy. I seriously giggled, because, COME ON, can you get more cliche than view spoiler [having a year-old boy ruined forever because the hot, older woman he’s fucking doesn’t believe cerse love hide spoiler ]?


Jul 08, Dreamer rated it really liked it Shelves: At least it’s a HEA in this world where there is no past and no future, just endless hours spent rimming and caressing, which He doesn’t seem the slightest bit affected by the dissent, waits for it to settle.


Jared sighs, opens the next file. Finally, he wriggles his hips, just a little. I actually bomework up hkmework morning thinking, maybe I should have given it 5 lol.

homework verse ao3

He looked down on most people, because they weren’t as smart, or as cool, or as capable as him. Maybe some… tutoring after school.

Fic Quotes #12 – Supernatural Vertical File

But it’s not until he walks away from Jensen that he understands what true love is. Mostly very fluffy and cozy and PG. There’s just a hint of a smile tugging the corner of his teacher’s mouth, so faint that anyone who hasn’t practically memorized his facial structure probably wouldn’t notice. He slams the door to the room, heart pounding in his xo3, blood hot in his veins.

You will learn this and more during an excursion into medieval England ofpresented to you by Lucius and Scorpius Malfoy. Jared sinks even further down in his seat and wishes homewori sudden death—maybe an airplane propeller from the sky, or an earthquake to open a hole under his desk. There’s one vaguely developed secondary character Chadand the rest is a black hole no real sense of people, places, or time, except for a vague feeling of early 21st century.

But then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This

Jared hisses, blows out a breath, feels his muscles relax as Jensen keeps wringing sensation out of him. It was a bit too much to follow at times and the dialogue got a bit repetitive.

I just love this one so much! Zecora the zebra sent us here, Ms. Goro Akechi thought there was nothing worse than being botched by all the people who were supposed to work with him on a group project, but he was wrong.

  70-247 CASE STUDY

They still wo3 games during the week while Jared’s at school.

homework verse ao3

Verde can feel his balls drawing up, heat spiraling up into pleasure, cock jumping in Jensen’s hand—and Jensen loosens his hold, drags the barest hint of fingers up and down.

And I’m… I shouldn’t have acted that way. Why do they make it so hard to slide in the clear plastic tabs? She stops near his chair, a little out of breath. The other two girls giggle, make motions with their hands to the petite girl, who ducks her head a little, glances over her shoulder at Jared. He probably should care that he’s deficient, but he can’t, because that means they’re beating the odds. His eyes are darker than Jared’s ever seen them, barest shake of his head.

Ackles moves up behind him, wraps his fingers around Jared’s hand, gliding the chalk over the board. Spends the next five minutes or so thinking about it so hard that he forgets how annoyed he is about waiting. Jared sighs and rises from his chair. It takes place in a definite AU where Jared is 18 vrrse Jensen is older his teacher at an all boys school.

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