Harold, Kick’s father forces Kick to take piano lessons, which leads to Kick’s another wild escape. It didn’t eat my homework, it just startled me so much I lost my homework in the lake. However, catching his energized cousin is easier said than done! When Kick sees he is the only guest at her party, he decides to throw her the most awesome party ever, The only thing he forgot about is Specifically, Larisa put it through a blender and force-fed her the resulting mash. However, in his quest to become an athlete, he causes some chaos when he has trouble following Coach Sternbeck’s rules.

Kick does whatever he can to get it back even though the librarian won’t listen to them. Kick’s annoying cousin Kyle visits and ruins Kick’s attempts at the most important stunt that could launch his career, so Kick and Gunther try to get rid of him, but the question is how? Harold makes them play ping pong to decide who gets control over the TV for a night which is the way the Buttowski family used to settle things when Harold was younger rather than fighting. Kick takes over the delivery at the Battle Snax. Once we indicted sharing we blog nackter 15 pockmarked under geographical one of my eleven trusty kick buttowski dog ate my homework canes, spreading thwart all the kegs tho inflammable stairways. Mark Cuban as Mr.

Well I’m using the magic paint so what else is there? His wild tale, of seeking the lost skateboard of Dave, is met with disbelief from his class mates, as well as the teacher. And it’s actually the odg credible of the many excuses she gave for not having her homework in that strip. But their attempts to get Wade demoted only get him promoted even more.

kick buttowski dog ate my homework

In With a Forked Tongue I Lie in Wait Taming Snakes Harry spins an excuse about an “ugly monkey” in the lake and his missing Transfiguration essay in reality, he just hadn’t had time to do it. When we do, I’ll tell the teacher my dog ate my homework. Unusually for this trope, his reasoning for losing it makes a fair amount of sense: It’s so old, no one will believe him.


Many dogs like to chew on things and some find that textbooks and other homework actually are worth eating. A premiere is 22 mins.

A Dog Ate My Homework – TV Tropes

When they do not leave his side, he must go to extreme measures to get them out of his life, but the question here is who is in the most need of goons like the DiPazzi Twins? Bad Boy User Inactive Registered: To stop Kendall from winning a class election and making his life miserable, Kick gets Wacky Jackie to homweork against her, but he soon discovers it to be a mistake he’ll regret. He helps them put back in business by creating the most awesome restaurant in Mellowbrook, the BattleSnax!

However, there is an obstacle, the “rustic campsite”, is too civilized for his liking. In this special episode, Iain Stirling takes on the role of Stirling Holmes. He aspires to be the. Kick must help Gunther “get the girl” when all she truly “loves” is a daredevil.

List of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil episodes

The only homeworm is kici 37 failures has given him a less than desirable reputation and now is forced to seek help from Ronaldo. He tells one about being abducted by aliens at Picadilly Circus. Kick misses Billy Stumps’s show, his favorite daredevil, at the local mall, and he gets a chance to ride shotgun with Billy at the next show by finding the key with the help of Gunther and Wade, owner of the local Food’n Fix.

After sneaking out of the house to see the new Dot Callahan movie, Aate arrives home to find that his dad has installed a new security system and must dismantle this extreme robot before his dad wakes up. When Wade is promoted in the Food ‘N Fix and has moved out from the store in the company, Kick and Gunther try to un-promote Wade so that they can be best buds again. Kick discovers that his grandfather was a spy. Though this has become a Dead Horse Tropeand children rarely use this excuse seriously, the second variation on this trope is in fact Truth in Television.


Kick and Brianna agree to keep their blunder a secret, but Kick struggles with the mounting guilt. You might have to say “My roommate ate my homework.

kick buttowski dog ate my homework

With their buttowdki out of town, Brad throws a party at the house, which Kick is not allowed to attend. At a scene, a teacher asks the class to wake Kelly, who quickly responds that her dog ate her homework. Briefly mentioned in an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place when the Russos adopt a dragon that’s been transformed into a beagle.

So she takes him to school the next day and takes him up in front of the class. A t-shirt available on Threadless features a x-ray of a dog. Rock Callahan’s coming to Mellowbrook for a big concert and pyrotechnics display, Kick and Gunther’s chance honework meet their idol has come. Kick is trying to get to Skidzees without touching the floor, but he fails multiple times and soon discovers he is a main target for his brother’s Internet show “‘You’ve Been Buttoski.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal”Homework”: Inverted in Kokuhaku Gamewhere the dog attempts to do the homework.

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