For someone who has no choice in the matter of a monthly cycle, I don’t consider this very fair at all. Recently, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced that the country will be abolishing its 5 percent tax on menstrual hygiene products. They also cannot control their periods and have no choice in the matter, due to it being a biological function and sometimes very inconvenient. Your mom has had her period. The average woman uses 11, tampons in her lifetime. Should women be able to get feminine hygiene products for free? By Mayo Clinic Staff.

These feminine hygiene products allow a woman to go through her day without bleeding all over the place. No woman chooses to have a period, and society demands we use these products. And when they buy tampons with what little extra money they have, they are taxed for it as a luxury good. Do you think a cure to cancer is in the near future? And now, it seems the United Kingdom is following suit.

Low-income women who can’t afford the proper feminine hygiene products may have to resort to whatever is around— like socks and dirty rags— to absorb their flow and keep the rest of their clothes from getting soiled.

Including period products like pads, tampons and menstrual cups in addition to pre-natal care, birth control methods, medical expenses for child birth, surgery of reproductive organs and all expenses related to child raising. Throughout the essay I will be advocating for policy change within the various levels of government.

Sanitary napkins are very essential and must not be regarded as a taboo rather should be provided free of cost or at least at minimum price to each and every women with proper guidance of it’s use. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about?


tampon tax persuasive essay

Is euthanasia justified to end the pain of a terminally ill patient? After all, the result is the same in both scenarios, women are penalized for being women. That is an average of 37 years of menstruating once a month, including two full-term pregnancies where we “get a break.

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This is thousands of dollars women are forced to spend despite the fact that a large amount of the population cannot afford it. Which of your works would you like to persusive your friends about?

tampon tax persuasive essay

Only women must buy them, and it is even worse for those living in poverty. Look at your life. Feminine hygiene products should not be taxed whatsoever.

Chapstick may be important but it does not fall close to the importance of feminine hygiene products. Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk.

tampon tax persuasive essay

If they’re not made free at least, they should be less expensive. It would be like saying men being sexually aroused should be taxed too!

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But, every other state in the United States still classifies tampons as luxuries and taxes them at the same rate as an iPhone. Making them free just isn’t a good investment.

They also cannot control their periods and have no choice in the matter, due to it being a biological function and sometimes very inconvenient. The simple fact that only women need hygiene products shows that sexism still exists in our country.

Women are forced to pay thousands of dollars for something completely out of their control and on top of that, the luxury tax proves that sexism still exists in our country. If not, I’d just ask you to consider the undue burden that this tax is on women, especially low-income women, and consider if we, as a country, should label feminine hygiene products as a luxury, and to consider the effects of this “luxury label” on the stigma of menstruation.


Last June, Canada became the first country to exempt women’s sanitary products from its sales tax.

Tampon Tax

We have a government that constantly tries and often succeeds at placing tough restrictions on abortion access. There are websites and blogs that allow one to vote. The sexism and classism within the tampon tax proves eseay there is something wrong with it. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Now, when I think of luxury, I think of an expensive perfume, or a vacation, or a Lily Pulitzer dress; basically, I think of something that I choose to buy, or choose to have.

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Unfortunately, at the moment, only six U. Why Don’t We Know. Last week, Chicago’s city council voted unanimously to scrap their tampon tax as well.

The expense of tampons and other feminine hygiene products is extremely difficult for many women living in poverty to afford. Now, this might make you uncomfortable, but it really shouldn’t.

Like thousands of years perxuasive, people didnt have tampons and all that. I suspect it’s because men were making the laws when these were passed.

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