If we see the recent floods in uttarakhand then also we are able to see that because of lack of proper management and preventive methods we lost around 10, lives and a huge chunk of money invested as in capital form or in infrastructure, which tells that we are complete failure on the economic front of natural disaster also. The disaster – flash flood and landslide had occurred due to heavy to very heavy rainfall within the state in June of the same year. Identify The Victims Of Disaster Essay words – 6 pages When a mass disaster happens everything is absolute chaos, everyone in the area is affected. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Though they provide rice paddy farmers with a largely dependable source of natural irrigation and fertilization, but the floods can kill thousands and displace millions. Calculation of the damages of such an event can be a difficult task because the cost of a natural disaster is ultimately wedded to several factors, and varies by type of disaster. Over 10, troops participated in Operation Surya Hope.

Calculation of the damages of such an event can be a difficult task because the cost of a natural disaster is ultimately wedded to several factors, and varies by type of disaster. There Drought occurs on average every 3 out of 10 years and associated heat waves had killed more Australians than any other type of natural disaster in the 20th century. Army plans paratroop operations, and the establishment of heli-bridge to rescue, and evacuate the stranded people. The floods and landslides in Uttarakhand, the worst natural disaster in the area in a hundred years, has been called a Himalayan Tsunami by the Government of India. No damage at the Kedarnath Temple occurred. Natural disasters in India cause massive loss to life and property.

Retrieved 12 July The Act extends to the whole of India. Government agencies and priests of Kedarnath temple were planning mass cremation of the hundreds of victims, after one week of tragedy. They also work with other levels of government, first responders, community groups, the private sector operators of critical infrastructure and other nations.


According to official figures by ITBP, they were able to rescue 33, pilgrims in 15 days on their own from extreme remote and inaccessible areas. He quickly applied to College. Pardoning Power of President: Case Study of Hypertension words – 14 pages Case Study of Hypertension During my experience in volunteering, I chose a patient for the case study assignment. The debris blocked up the rivers, causing major overflow.

The Eagle has Landed: However there are some serious and good politicians and bureaucrats who helped and were trying to cope up with the situation. Flash floods, cyclones, avalanches, droughts, landslides brought on by torrential rains, and snowstorms pose the greatest threats. Heavy unseasonal monsoon rain in north India, which triggered floods, and landslides, in the north western mountain states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh.

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The Birth of the Swatch – Case Study. A study by Utah State University [66] analyzed the natural and anthropogenic influences on the climate anomalies using simulations, and found that a northern India has experienced increasingly large rainfall in June since the kttarakhand s, b the increase in rainfall appears to be associated with a tendency in the upper troposphere towards amplified short waves, and c the phasing of such amplified short waves is tied to increased loading of green-house gases and aerosols.

Almost all the nations witness such misfortune. One of the eight members of the NDMA with status of Minister of State, designated as nodal officer, to coordinate rescue, relief, and assistance mission.

uttarakhand cloudburst 2013 case study

The subject I chose was identified as GKM. The flooding of Mandakini River, that caused major destruction to the town of Kedarnath and Rambara, occurred following two separate events.


Disaster or catastrophe or any such accident is inevitable.

About citizens of Nepal were visiting the Indian region, of which 1, were rescued as of 22 June Retrieved 19 June The principal government agency in achieving this is Emergency Management Australia.

Evacuation of all stranded pilgrim complete. It was a direct.

uttarakhand cloudburst 2013 case study

Also, the fact that the entire area of Uttarakhand is categorized as Seismic Zone IV which makes it prone to major Earthquakes. As on 6 October, 13, it was headed by Mr.

Disaster Management Case Study on River Flooding at Uttarakhand

Any disaster be it manmade or natural, always leads to loss of life and property. Sociological Analysis of the Chernobyl Disaster words – 18 pages of this disaster, while the fire department also responded to the calls.

The disaster of the Ukrainian reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is still regarded as the worst nuclear disaster in history, although the Japanese crisis is still unfolding. These assets include levees, roads, bridges, utilities, factories, homes, buildings, forests or other natural resources. Case study of Ken words – 5 pages just one of them.

uttaakhand Retrieved 7 September In the United States, all disastrous events are initially considered as local, with local authorities usually a law enforcement agency having charge. The upper Himalayan territories of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are full of forests and snow-covered mountains and thus remain relatively inaccessible. In Germany the Federal Government controls the German disaster relief Katastrophenschutz and civil protection Zivilschutz programs.

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